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how to manage bills better

How to Manage Bills Better Than Ever Before

Balancing a checkbook is never easy, but it’s a skill anyone can learn. Our four personal financial planning strategies for success will teach you how to manage bills better.

how to build credit

How to Build Credit in 5 Simple Steps

How to build credit is a not-so-simple question that every young person in America faces. An important factor in landing a job, renting an apartment and securing a loan, building credit doesn’t occur overnight. But your creditworthiness can be established over time if you follow certain steps.

debit card vs credit card

Debit Card vs Credit Card: Pros and Cons Worth Considering

Plastic is a popular way to make regular purchases on meals, gas or more without carrying around cash. But not all plastic currency is exactly the same. In the great debate of debit card vs credit card, there are a few things you should know before your next card swipe.

social security benefits

Social Security Benefits Are More Pivotal to Retirement Today

Social Security, which turned 80 years old this month, is still vital to the financial health of American seniors. With changes to the economy, such as the demise of pension plans, more retirees today rely on Social Security benefits as their chief source of income.

401k vs Roth IRA

401k vs Roth IRA: Which One is Right for You?

As you begin to think about planning for your retirement, you’ll need to choose a retirement vehicle that is right for you. Since there are pros and cons to every savings plan, our chart provides an analysis of 401k vs Roth IRA.

what is a 401k

What is a 401k? And, Why Should I Have One?

When students become young professionals, they soon realize adulthood requires a lot of financial planning. Most are quick to learn about managing their money. But one question stumps many recent grads: what is a 401k?

learn how to manage your money

5 Tips to Learn How to Manage Your Money After Graduation

Recent college grads have more on their mind today than ever before. With a tight job market and rising housing costs, the post-college transition can be tough. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you learn how to manage your money now, the liberating feeling of financial independence will follow.

paycheck breakdown

Paycheck Breakdown 101: A Crash Course for College Grads

On the path to adulthood, the next step for college grads is a full-time job. Since many college grads haven’t yet passed Paycheck Breakdown 101, they may be shocked to learn how quickly their paycheck shrinks before it’s deposited.

summer vacation deals

Searching for Summer Vacation Deals? Try Tax Deductions

With summer almost here, it’s prime time to plan a vacation. Today, everyone tries to find ways to maximize fun while limiting cost. If you are searching for summer vacation deals on plane tickets and hotels, don’t overlook the savings opportunities available in tax deductible expenses.

withholding taxes

Is it Time to Change Your Tax Withholding Code?

Every so often, it pays to update your tax withholding code to avoid owing a big tax bill at year’s end. Otherwise, you are essentially loaning the government your hard-earned money at zero interest. Especially if you’ve gotten married or had a baby in the last year, consider updating your information with the IRS today.

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