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Understanding the Gravity of Advanced Estate Planning

Estate planning is a topic that many overlook, despite its critical role in ensuring the welfare of your loved ones after your demise. However, advanced estate planning takes this pivotal process to a profound depth. At DeFreitas and Minsky LLP, we provide expert guidance and strategies for effective advanced estate planning. Armed with years of experience, our certified public accountants offer comprehensive solutions that ensure your assets and legacy are legally safeguarded.

A 2019 study by revealed that only 40% of American adults have a will or living trust. Worse still, 17% of senior citizens do not have up-to-date estate planning documents, despite the higher stakes at their age (, 2019). Our objective is to see these figures significantly improved, by educating and assisting individuals, families, and businesses in advanced estate planning.

What Makes Advanced Estate Planning Different?

Advanced estate planning and straightforward estate planning share the same goal of ensuring your wealth and assets are correctly distributed upon your death. However, advanced estate planning goes a step beyond. It involves creating strategies to minimize estate taxes, protect significant assets, and establish financial provisions for future generations, charities or businesses.

Consequently, numerous complexities often accompany advanced estate planning, and this is understandably why many choose to engage expert assistance.

Here are some of the key components that differentiate advanced estate planning:

  • Asset protection: It involves developing strategies to shield your assets from possible losses through lawsuits and creditors.
  • Tax minimization: Advanced estate planning helps you to minimize estate and gift taxes, ensuring maximum asset distribution to your beneficiaries instead of the government.
  • Charitable contributions: If you wish to contribute to charity in your estate plan, advanced estate planning can help structure this donation effectively.

Exploring the Distinct Facets of Advanced Estate Planning

Advanced estate planning encompasses unique concepts and legal instruments often left untouched in typical estate planning discussions. Here, we delve into these often-undiscussed elements:

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT)

An ILIT is an exceptional estate planning tool that allows your life insurance policies to be exempt from estate taxes. The Insurance Barometer study by Life Happens and LIMRA indicates that 60% of Americans have life insurance, yet not all holders use ILITs (III, 2019). ILITs protect your life insurance policy from being considered part of your taxable estate, thus ensuring a more substantial portion of your wealth is preserved for your beneficiaries.

Family Limited Partnership (FLP) or Family Limited Liability Company (LLC)

A Family Limited Partnership or a Family Limited Liability Company is a legal entity created to manage and control a family’s wealth. Pursuing these options allows for easier asset transfer to younger family members, while simultaneously offering credible protection to these assets against creditors.

Qualified Personal Residence Trust (QPRT)

A QPRT is a unique legal tool that can transfer your home ownership to your heirs at a reduced gift tax cost. Moreover, this effective legal instrument allows you to live in your house for the term stipulated in the trust, even after transferring the ownership.

The Imperative Role of Professional Guidance

Given the inherent complexities in advanced estate planning, it is absolutely vital to consider professional guidance. Expert assistance not only validates that all legal aspects are covered but also ensures that the entire approach aligns seamlessly with your unique needs and objectives.

At DeFreitas and Minsky LLP, we draw upon our extensive expertise in dealing with multifaceted financial concerns. We operate with a full understanding that advanced estate planning is not one-size-fits-all. As such, we devise tailored strategies for every individual, family, and business that seeks our assistance.

In Conclusion: A Path to Estate Elevation

Advanced estate planning significantly transcends traditional estate planning. It is a journey of fostering financial wellbeing for your surviving loved ones, be it immediate or extended family, close friends, cherished charities, or a profitable business. It is all about exploring avenues to minimize taxes, protect your assets, and secure a financial legacy for future generations.

DeFreitas and Minsky LLP are here to elevate every aspect of your estate planning. We aim to spread awareness, offer expert guidance, and provide customized solutions in advanced estate planning. Plan today to secure your legacy tomorrow.

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