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Are you spending hours every month doing your own payroll because you don’t have a payroll service?
For many small and medium size businesses, payroll can be a nightmare – there are already not enough hours in the day. Between new laws and the IRS, payroll has become a time-consuming process, double and triple checking for compliance. Our goal is to guide your company to a more comprehensive human capital management.
At DeFreitas & Minsky, our experienced CPAs set a number of goals to help your company gain financial leads when it comes to our payroll services:
The large Long Island payroll service companies can be expensive, are not always reliable and lack personal service. With DeFreitas & Minsky CPA, you not only get a dependable and affordable payroll service on Long Island but it’s fast and friendly – leaving you with peace of mind while you run your business.

We believe working face-to-face with our clients allows us to better understand their goals and provide for them, unlike online services. We work in the interest of our clients, if you have questions regarding our payroll services, please feel free to contact us at 516.746.6322 or

Why Take Advantage of Payroll Services?

Become More Cost EffectiveUse your staff for the reason they were hired. By letting us handle your payroll service you eliminate the need to hire people with these specialized skills, on top of the skills they need to perform the day-to-day.
Save Time & Stress
When leaving your payroll services to DeFreitas & Minsky, you don’t have to struggle every month making sure it all adds up and everything is filed properly – we take the headache out of all of that.
Tax Time
Federal, local and state laws have been changing pretty frequently in recent years. So, you don’t want to get stuck unknowing of law changes, or worse, take a loss on the back end. You need to have a professional, who is up to date on all of the new laws.
DeFreitas & Minsky provides payroll services to, but does not exclude, Long Island and the Greater New York Area.

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Frequently Ask Questions.

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Outsourcing payroll can save time, ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations, and reduce the risk of errors.
We use secure systems and protocols to protect sensitive data and ensure confidentiality.
Yes, we can manage payroll complexities for businesses with employees in different states, including varying tax laws and regulations.
Yes, we offer customized reports to meet your business's specific needs, including detailed employee and tax reports.
We calculate, file, and pay payroll taxes on behalf of your business, ensuring timely compliance.
Often, yes. We can discuss integration options to ensure seamless operation with your current HR systems.
We stay up-to-date with legislative changes and ensure your payroll processes remain compliant.
We provide support for any payroll-related questions your employees might have, ensuring clarity and satisfaction.