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Is it Time to Change Your Tax Withholding Code?

Every so often, it pays to update your tax withholding code to avoid owing a big tax bill at year’s end. Otherwise, you are essentially loaning the government your hard-earned money at zero interest. Especially if you’ve gotten married or had a baby in the last year, consider updating your information with the IRS today.

high tax refund

Why a High Tax Refund Doesn’t Payoff

Why put off to tomorrow what you can have today? A high tax refund at year’s end can be a poor choice for many, because inflation devalues a government refund of your own money. Aside from the threat of scams, there are four main reasons to beware of high tax refunds.

Combat identity theft

Strategies to Combat Identity Theft During Tax Season

Each year, about seven percent of tax-paying Americans fall victim to identity theft, the fastest growing crime in the nation. To combat identity theft today, Americans are taught to protect their personal information with a  lock-and-key. As a result, many taxpayers fear filing a tax return full of personal data.

Fear not, our tips to combat identity theft will show you there’s little security risk to filing a tax return.

6 Things You Didn't Know About Tax Day

Tax Day Facts: 6 Things You Didn’t Know About Tax Day

Did you know that Tax Day isn’t always on April 15? There’s a whole lot more to the history of Tax Day in America than most of us even know. How many different dates has the deadline sat on? What other events can cause the deadline to change? Which constitutional amendments have affected how Tax Day came to be? So many questions, but we’ve got the answers.

pay your tax debt in monthly payments with an installment agreement!

Income Tax Installment Agreements

After filing your taxes, if you’re unable to pay your tax debt immediately because it’s beyond your means, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) gives you the ability to enroll in an installment agreement. This allows you to repay your tax debt in monthly payments to lessen the financial burden.

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