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4 Ways to Invest Your Tax Return in Yourself

4 Ways to Invest Your Tax Return in Yourself

It’s easy to let the priority of taking care of yourself fall by the wayside when you’re working your hardest to manage everything else in your life. Now that your tax return has come, you’re probably thinking about how to invest that money. A great idea would be to invest in yourself—something many people may not think to do.

pay your tax debt in monthly payments with an installment agreement!

Income Tax Installment Agreements

After filing your taxes, if you’re unable to pay your tax debt immediately because it’s beyond your means, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) gives you the ability to enroll in an installment agreement. This allows you to repay your tax debt in monthly payments to lessen the financial burden.

tax extension deadline

How Will the Government Shutdown Affect the Tax Extension Deadline?

The simple answer is that the tax extension deadline won’t be affected, and you’re still expected to file your tax return. The not-so-simple answers are to the questions about how and why this is happening, how else we’re being affected, and what we can do to help ourselves.

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