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what is a 401k

What is a 401k? And, Why Should I Have One?

When students become young professionals, they soon realize adulthood requires a lot of financial planning. Most are quick to learn about managing their money. But one question stumps many recent grads: what is a 401k?

learn how to manage your money

5 Tips to Learn How to Manage Your Money After Graduation

Recent college grads have more on their mind today than ever before. With a tight job market and rising housing costs, the post-college transition can be tough. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you learn how to manage your money now, the liberating feeling of financial independence will follow.

paycheck breakdown

Paycheck Breakdown 101: A Crash Course for College Grads

On the path to adulthood, the next step for college grads is a full-time job. Since many college grads haven’t yet passed Paycheck Breakdown 101, they may be shocked to learn how quickly their paycheck shrinks before it’s deposited.

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