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Social Security Benefits Are More Pivotal to Retirement Today

Social Security, which turned 80 years old this month, is still vital to the financial health of American seniors. With changes to the economy, such as the demise of pension plans, more retirees today rely on Social Security benefits as their chief source of income.

What is a Hedge Fund? | DeFreitas and Minsky LLP

What is a Hedge Fund?

When you’re are looking for ways to invest your money, it’s important to explore all of the options that are available to you. Traditionally, most people default to investing in stocks and bonds, but those aren’t the only means by which you can invest.

But exactly what is a Hedge Fund? Simply put, it’s an investment partnership that is coordinated and managed by an individual (hedge fund manager). Hedge Funds are sometimes classed as Limited Liability Companies or Limited Partnerships in order to legally protect the investors involved in the fund. If the company goes bankrupt, creditors could potentially go after the investors for even more money than they’re put into the fund, but with these protective measures in place, they’re safe.

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