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Simple Tax Deductions You Need to Know About

The 40 Simple Tax Deductions You Probably Don’t Know About

Everybody seems to know what tax deductions are but, if you were to ask them what deductions they qualify you’ll more than likely be met with silence. With the constant shift of government legislation year after year it can be difficult to define what you qualify for (unless you’ve been following that legislation throughout the year and that can be time-consuming). We’re guessing you’re already busy enough as is so, we’ve put together a list of the 40 simple tax deductions you could qualify for this year. Simple tax deductions that, we hope, will help save you quite a lot of money.

3 Small Business Tips that Will Lay the Path to Saving Money in 2015

These 3 Small Business Tips For Landscapers Could Save You Thousands this Season

While winter may be a bit of a down season for landscapers in terms of physical work but, that doesn’t mean it has to be entirely unproductive. It’s tax season which means you’re probably working together with your office manager or your accountant to make sure your taxes are filed correctly. Regardless of who does your taxes, it is still a relatively painful process but, there are ways to alleviate some of the financial stress associated with filing. Listed below are some of our money-saving small business tips for landscapers that you can use this tax season.

wealth sustainability

How to Achieve Wealth Sustainability

It’s no surprise that wealthy people have an interest in sustaining their wealth through future generations. However, what is surprising is how few of them are confident in their ability to do so. In a recent study published by Merrill Lynch’s Private Banking and Investment Group, a third of the participants indicated that their biggest financial concern is their uncertainty about wealth sustainability.

As it turns out, their fears aren’t unfounded—in fact, two out of three times, a family’s wealth doesn’t outlive the generation immediately following the one that created it. What’s even more frightening, is that assets wind up completely spent before the end of the third generation ninety percent of the time. This is such a common occurrence that there’s even a phrase for it: “Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves,” when a family finds themselves in the same financial position that they started.

Plan Your Retirement with These 5 Money Saving Strategies

5 Money Saving Strategies for Retirement Planning

Last week, we discussed the difficult fiscal years we’ve seen recently, and how they’ve impacted financial planning across America. As the economy has struggled, many people have had to restructure their retirement plans to account for lost funds. In addition to the 5 tips for retirement planning that we gave you, here are 5 more money saving strategies for retirement planning!

Need Help? Here are 5 Tips for Retirement Planning

5 Tips for Retirement Planning

The unstable economy of the past five years has certainly done a number on many Americans’ financial planning situations. People who’ve invested in their retirement plans are in a much different fiscal position than when they started their planning, and as such many will need to make adjustments to their saving strategies. If you’re concerned that recent hiccups in your finances have put your golden years in jeopardy, settle down—you can still retire before you’re 80. Here are 5 tips for retirement planning:

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