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It’s no wonder modern individuals often feel a sense of dread when tax season looms. It swings around each year like clockwork, yet tax responsibility can be a challenging and overwhelming task for many. DeFreitas & Minsky LLP, a certified public accountant based in NY, understands how intimidating managing individual tax strategy can turn out to be, especially in the ever-evolving tax landscape.

The Purpose of Individual Tax Strategy

Individual tax strategy refers to a comprehensive plan aimed at reducing a person’s tax liability, thus maximizing after-tax wealth. The objective is achieving the greatest possible tax return or paying the least amount of tax within the law’s boundaries. With a well-thought-out individual tax strategy, tax-related stress is lessened as it prepares you better for tax obligations, hence offering a clearer path to financial stability.

According to NerdWallet’s report, in 2020, the average American household faced a 24% federal tax rate. A planned tax strategy could result in considerable savings.

The Anatomy of a Viable Individual Tax Strategy

Developing a personalized tax strategy requires an understanding of the entire tax status that can influence one’s finances. Here’s what constitutes a solid tax strategy:

Income Planning: Predicting and planning for one’s income can make or break the effectiveness of a tax strategy. It includes deciding when to realize capital gains or losses, if and when to convert retirement accounts to a Roth account, and identifying tax-efficient means of saving for retirement.

Deductions and Credits: A good strategy should identify potential deductions and credits and guide how to maximize them for tax advantages. Examples of such credits include the Child Tax Credit, Earned Income Tax Credit, and American Opportunity Credit. A Tax Policy Center research study shows that tax deductions accounted for approximately $1.3 trillion on individual federal income tax in 2019.

Tax-efficient Investing: Tax strategies can also incorporate investment decisions. Proceeds from investments, when withdrawn, may significantly affect your tax liability. Hence, tax-efficient investing aims at generating high post-tax returns.

How the Right Tax Strategy Protects Your Future

Implementing the correct tax strategy is not merely about facing your annual tax returns heads on; it’s about protecting your future too. Here’s how:

Savings: Even minor reductions in tax liabilities can bring about a domino effect of savings over time. These savings may come in handy for future investments or unforeseen emergencies.

Better retirement planning: Your individual tax strategy directly influences how much you can save for retirement. The choice between traditional and Roth IRAs, for instance, has significant tax implications that could alter your financial readiness for retirement

Estate Planning: An effective tax strategy can significantly lessen the burden that taxes might impose on your estate when planning for inheritance.

Avoiding the Common Pitfalls of Individual tax Strategy

A solid tax strategy is not without its pitfalls. These are the common mistakes individuals tend to make:

Overlooking the tax implications of investments: As noted by the Kitces report, understanding how different investments are taxed is critical in creating a tax-efficient strategy. For instance, Bond interest is usually subjected to income tax, while qualified dividends enjoy a lower tax rate.

Ignoring the impact of state taxes: States have different tax implications and not considering state tax may jeopardize your tax strategy serving both federal and state tax purposes effectively.

Ignoring Regular Review: Tax laws evolve. An effective tax strategy takes into account these changes. Regular reviews ensure you are up to date with new tax laws, and your strategy reflects these changes accordingly.

Professional Guidance Matters in Individual Tax Strategy

Developing, implementing and monitoring a tax strategy is a complex, delicate task, and doing it alone can inevitably lead to errors. Professional tax advisors can efficiently guide you through the process, making sure the strategy is tax-compliant and suits your individual situation. With DeFreitas & Minksy LLP’s professional guidance, your tax strategy won’t be just a plan but a working system that secures your financial future.

Embarking on Your Individual Tax Strategy Journey

When it comes to individual tax strategy, you’ll find numerous differing opinions, strategies and approaches. However, the cornerstone always remains the same: create a strategy that allows you to pay the least possible amount in taxes while operating within the legal framework. With this aim in mind and DeFreitas & Minsky LLP’s expertise by your side, navigating your individual tax strategy journey will become considerably less daunting.

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